Tuesday, October 28, 2014


  I do not personally plan on going trick or treating this year.  I think you get a little old about you early 20's, than it's kind of like "Really, what are you doing?"  I honestly do prefer parties, they seem more social than walking up to a door, knocking, asking for candy, and leaving.  When I was in first or second grade, I dressed up for Halloween as a mom, I thought I was cute.  The BEST candy to ever get has to be anything cookies and cream or Heath Bars, those are amazing!  I wasn't a big fan or pumpkin carving and still am not today, I'm sure why though... just tearing out the guts bothered me. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Quotes - True Love

"No matter how long it takes, true love is worth the wait," is a quote I found a while ago and it made me wonder.  Is true love really worth the wait?  Is it worth it to spend your time waiting for the "one person your supposed to be with?"  I think it is and it isn't, I mean sure true love - it's cute, and romantic. But, is it necessarily one person your supposed to be with.  Why can't it be more than one?  Also, along with that, how do you know if you have found your true love?  What if your in Meijer and you pass them by without even knowing it!  Kind of silly really, but it keeps young girls and possibly guys dreaming, so I guess it's a good idea and thought.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Pep Assembly

I enjoyed our Fall Homecoming, it was very energetic, a blast to watch.  The best part was participating in the games, the worst: there was no worst, for me.  Yes, I did participate, I enjoyed doing it aswell.  At our pep assemblies, I'd like to see more interaction with the kids, it's not fair that only a few can get up.  The shirtless dudes, to be honest, creeped me out a little.  The dancing teachers were...interesting... not sure how I feel about that. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


I'm personally not a big fan of Fall, it makes me sick; the pollen from the fields coming in bothers me, it drives me insane. I think the trees changing are pretty, also I enjoy the extra sleep. In the Fall, my family and I don't really do anything, we all just do our own thing. My favorite fall food is Apple Pie, especially my mom's. At the weekends, I'm usually at my Grandparents, so on the drive over there I see a lot of the trees, I don' really take pictures. In the fall, I like to sit by our sliding glass door; slightly open, and read with a warm cup of hot cocoa next to me.  I can't do it any other time because Winter is too cold, Spring - I'm usually outside, and Summer I'm at Cross practice.